Ashford Power Station

A location I’ve wanted to visit for quite a long time is the location of the former Ashford Power Station. After doing some research online and speaking with friends who knew the area it sounded like an interesting place to check out. Power stations are rarely small and simple, and the fact that it had been decommissioned for quite a long time it sounded like a neat place to check out.

Sadly, out of all the people I spoke to none knew the current state of the plant, and when we found our way out there we were disappointed to find that a majority of the plant had since been demolished, with only a small substation and a water processing facility remaining.

Not to be disheartened by this development, we ended up exploring most of what was left of the plant, and it still turned out to be a pretty interesting place to check out. Within 5 minutes of arriving we nearly walked onto a red-belly black snake, that was fun, and the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. This was my first time shooting with some unusual film I picked up from another APUG user, who was selling dozens of rolls of the stuff: Agfa Cinerex IC1N. Originally used as an x-ray film by dentists, it turned out to be a lovely low-speed black-and-white film that I am now rationing until I can find somewhere to buy more of it.

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