Well it’s been a long time without a post, and I finally feel motivated enough to write.. something.

I haven’t really been that busy, I just haven’t had anything interesting to write about. things have been happening though: I’ve been out taking photos, I’ve got a model shoot coming up in the next week along with a sunrise/sunset shoot if the rain clears off just enough to let the sunlight through. I am also getting into gear ordering equipment for my ride across the country in April, which I will probably write a while post about the organising, packing and gear we’re using.

Some big news I’ve been following intently over the last few weeks is the financial troubles of Eastman Kodak. It’s not really a big deal and won’t affect me a great deal, but as time goes on I become more and more worried about the future of their film business. Only yesterday I read about their sale of the Eastman Gelatine arm, and that along with all of the other businesses they’ve put to the chopping block I’m starting to get worried about the future of their film business. On one hand they could sell it off to new owners who will continue production, or they may sell it off only to have the business liquidated by new owners: the end of an era. So I find myself in a predicament, whether to hope for the best and buy the film I need as I need it, or play it safe and stock up on as much film as I can buy just in case. It’s a tough choice.

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  1. Meagan Says:

    It is always so unfortunate seeing old companies – especially those who made such a difference and were a huge influence in our lives, slowly closing down. The company seems to be trying anything to stay afloat, but I believe they won’t be able to turn themselves around. My suggestion is you start buying film. It won’t be instant, but eventually it will slowly fall.

    However, I’m not entirely up to date with how very large companies stay afloat. I see perhaps in the future that they will be a small, exclusive company who still produce film and it becomes a high luxury to be able to shoot in that manner. Prices will go up, and it will be rare but it will still be available to those who can indulge in the past time.

    It will be unfortunate however that there will be generations missing out on such an artform. Everyone will have their own digital camera, and the care and work that goes into traditional photographs will be lost.

  2. jonsey32 Says:

    Kodak still has a vast number of patents it can sell off to keep bringing money in for the short term, but selling off chunks of the company that, to a layman, have the potential to be profitable in the future seems a bit daft.

    But really, that’s what got Kodak into this situation: poor management, bad decisions and missed opportunities.

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